We believe that you can be serious about being active and still lighten up.

(The full story...)

It was early 2016, when a five ex-employees from a sports retail chain that thought they had the authority began talking about how boring the athletic apparel they were selling came to be.

A piece of their soul was lost with every sale they made. As they talked, they realized that they needed to create something that they could stand behind. It needed to have an edge, be witty, and not be so damn serious.  They needed something outrageously clever, but everything they saw was just “blah!”  

That night, one of them had a dream.  In the dream they heard a soft whisper, “what if we made some sh*t that would help people stay fit?”

At that very moment, a freak bolt of lightning came down and hit the west side of her villa.  And as they looked outside their windows they saw a rare nine color rainbow, two unicorns, and a girl scout selling cookies.

At that very moment, they ran out of their respective bedrooms to find their former employees. What followed was one word (or was it two?) that came to their collective lips…Fit…Sh*t.  

An athletic apparel company that wouldn’t settle for mind-numbing mottos, meaningless mission-statements, or mundane gear.

That night FitSh*t was founded with a mission to bring fantastic gear and wit into the humorless world of athletic apparel. Because we believe that you can be serious about being active and still lighten the fuck up.

In 2017 they sold the business to a woman in Boston who "got it" and has been building the brand ever since.


We are headquartered in the USA. 


We believe in bringing WIT & FUN into the humorless world of fitness. We focus on a "feel-good” functionality above the boring-blah-bland culture that you find with most athletic apparel companies.


We personally test our own products, but given our small size, we’re especially appreciative of the feedback from our VIP athletes.


If you're an athlete, please get in touch! If you are interested in carrying FITSH*T at your retail location, business, or organization, please contact us @ wholesale@fitshit.co.


The best and quickest way is by shooting us a message @ community@fitshit.co - You can also give us a shout at 720.593.6618


All of our products come with a 60 day "no questions asked" return / refund policy. That means, if you're not one 100% satisfied, just reach out to us and we'll make sure to do everything in our power to make you happy or your money back.

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