FITSHIT products, especially sandbags and socks, are and will continue to be available until we are told they are not.  While our other shipping channels, such as Amazon and Walmart, are announcing delays, we have an independent warehouse handling direct sales from our site.  Their CEO has assured us that there are no plans to slow down or shut down their operations.

Please consider that our sandbags are an EXCELLENT alternative to going to the gym while you are home.  No need to buy expensive and heavy weights - you just need play sand, and you can vary the weight in the three internal bags for various workouts.  We will be posting indoor and outdoor routines on our blog periodically.  Turn up the tunes and keep moving!

For those of us stuck at our kitchen table, stand up and move, and wear our awesome and comfortable compression socks to improve circulation while you are sitting.  Doctor recommended for post surgery patients, they also work great on the couch for Netflix binges - after your work and killer workouts of course!  We are not planning on re-stocking compression socks, so if you need/want more, now is the time.

Lastly, we want to let our loyal customers know that we are not raising prices on hiking socks and sandbags during this difficult time, even though our sales are up over 300%.  In fact, we are extending our SALE prices!  We want you all to be as healthy as possible, and staying physically fit is extremely important to your immune system.  Wash your hands, stay safe and separate from others, and we'll kick the SH*T out of COVID-19!

Elisa, owner and the rest of TEAM FITSHIT




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