“5 Stars - Happy as Sh*t!” - Pat, Ohio 

"Amazing fit and great compression and support.

If I could give them 6 stars or more, I would. I've tried out a lot of compression socks, some are just so-so. Others are not worth the money. These cost a little more than I've paid for others - the FITSHIT on the back got me - but are well worth it. They are true knee highs, which is important to me, and the foot bed is well padded and comfortable. I hardly felt a thing for the hour I was on the treadmill, and my legs never did get tired. Way to go FITSHIT!” - Mike, New York


“I have to say, I absolutely LOVE these compression socks. I had 3 surgeries on my leg about 7 years ago and it swells daily. I basically need to live in compression socks for my leg to feel okay.

I've been looking for a good pair that is COMFORTABLE, and that doesn't get irritable after wearing it all day. These socks definitely make the cut!

I'm used to wearing only one compression sock on my 'bad' leg, but I love wearing both these socks! I can't wait to work out in these also.” - Karalyn Dodd, California


“A Runners MUST have!” - Jennifer, Chicago


“Great socks with great name!”

These are my first pair of compression socks. I had been struggling with leg fatigue and my runs had been difficult. Never really believed in compression socks but figured what the hell I might as well try using a pair. There are so many to choose from and well I saw FitShit and desided to get them. I have been wearing them for a few weeks and I have been able to run without feeling fatigued. I am going to get a few more pair.” - Kyle


“Yes! New socks for the gym! At first I was skeptical in buying just for the gym socks but now I understand why they are just for the gym! I'm an avid gym goer and I tend to go to the gym at least 5-6 times a week! Yeah I know that seems like too much, but if you work different parts of the muscles it should be okay. There are a lot of brands out there today and in honesty all the famous gym brands care way too much about quantity and not quality!

The quality on this sock is amazing!

The toe and heel part of this sick has quality written all over it (metaphorically speaking). But it is reinforced with thicker material then parts of the sock! The FitSh*t brand knows what parts of the sock needs to be reinforced! There is no moisture on the feet while wearing this and it breathes really well for being a thick socks. I received this item at a promotional price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review my opinions are solely my own” - Anthony, New York


“These compression socks are awesome! I absolutely love them. They feel amazing and prevent swelling in my feet on long walks. They are also great for biking, especially when it's cold out! The name printed on the calf is super fun and cool.” - Beth, Michigan 

“Most comfortable compression socks I own. I wear compression socks daily for work, not working out. I am a nurse and am on my feet for long hours. I also suffer from varicose veins so wearing compression socks help” - Courtney, Connecticut


“Socks that don't suck! That's an understatement. I run around a hospital all day long shooting X-rays and moving patients. Normally by the end of the day I wanna crawl to my truck. My feet felt so good after a super busy day that would have killed me. I love how they hold the middle of my foot and are perfect up my giant 22" calves. I'm a strong guy and love that my feet can keep up with me in these. Don't know what else to tell you but I'm super happy with them and will buy more even at 20 bucks a pair.” - Drew, Texas


“Great compression socks for crossfit workouts. fits much better than any other compression socks I've had and the socks are very comfortable!” - Goce 

“Got me through the Tough Mudder...

“These socks are awesome! I'm 5'6 female who weighs around 130lbs and these were awesome for a tough mudder event I recently completed. Just the right amount of compression to prevent swelling over 12 miles and tons of obstacles (mud, water, oh my!). Stayed put all day, which was awesome, and washed up just fine from all the mud and abuse! Highly recommend!” - Kate, Maryland


“Awesome product! I ordered these originally for myself after I developed DVTs (blood clots) in my leg after having surgery and then flying soon after.

Now my whole family wears them, both my husband and I in the operating room when we stand for hours and hours doing surgery and both kids playing sports

- football, lacrosse, track, tumbling. Love them! Will be ordering more for our upcoming trip!” - Gerald


“I am recovering from vascular surgery and my surgeon strongly suggested compression socks, These not only fit as advertised and are of high quality they are great for my legs. I shall be purchasing additional pairs” - Chad 

“These compression socks fit me nicely. I ordered a small and I wear a size 7 woman's shoe. They were not too tight on my feet or legs and came up to my knee just like in the stock photo. Even once on your feet, the socks are still easily moveable so you can center the FITSHIT logo on the back of your leg.

They have always been a conversation starter when I wear them to the gym!” - Disney Mom


“LOVE! They are soft, and super comfy! There is slight cushioning so that is added bonus! Gotta love sox that have things like "Push it Out" written on the toes! These the most comfortable compression socks I own. They are not all created equal, you will not be disappointed in these! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review." - JC

“I'm a runner who often gets shin splints so compression socks were recommended to me by my trainer. These socks are amazing! They fit well and I honestly felt such relief in my calves and shins after several long runs. I suspect I'll be back for more because this pair will get worn out fast at this rate!!!”

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