FITSHIT's Commitment to Community

Jessica, our Director of Marketing and Communications, made lemonade from lemons when she came up with the amazing idea to donate 4-packs of hiking socks to a homeless shelter in Bangor, Maine.  The only issue was unglued packaging, so we couldn't ship them to customers.  Please enjoy this video she made the morning she brought them to the shelter.  We hope that they help keep many people just a little warmer this winter.  Peace.


  • Mary Ann

    Thanks for giving back to the Bangor, Maine community!

  • Mary Ann Sartori

    Awesome!! Can she videotape the visit to the shelter when she donates them?
    Great way to help those in need 👍

  • Mary Ann

    We want to see a video of when she visits the shelter and donates the socks! What a wonderful way to help people and the community. Awesome!!

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